• Sanchet Boggram- M.S program – Georgia Tech university
  • Vishal V – M S program-Arizona University
  • Vibha S Narayan- MS program – Georgia tech university
  • Ida Rose – MS program- Texas University
  • Dhananjay Kumar – University of Florida
  • Swathi- Carnegie Mellon University
  • Prakruthi – qualified for admission in 3 universities
  • Placements in various IT and CORE companies
  • Ashwin Desai – secured seat for Ph.D program at I I T. madras
  • “MINCHU” – started by Pranav C M
  • “KAMPONENTE” Started by Ketan Kulkarni and partners


Design and modeling of a novel two stage cascaded interleaved boost converters for high voltage applications
Design and modeling of Z source inverter with novel implementation of modified modulating signal and shoot through control strategies
An optimum method for obtaining higher induced voltage in transformers

Workshops conducted in 2016:


Summer course on Verilog coding and projects for industrial application using FPGA

ARDINO workshop

Design of converter/inverter for PV solar power


Prototype Development Linear induction motor for Electric Traction

Integrated PLC testing & Control KIT

Development of a Prototype of Extreme Upper Limb Prosthesis

Parking Space Occupancy & GuidanceImplementation

Microcontroller Based MHO Relay

Prototype development of Rescue Machine for Bore-well Hole

Automation for Quadriplegic Patients


  • Recognized by Center of excellence in high voltage and power systems by VGST Govt of Karnataka
  • International Travel grant received by DST to present research paper
  • Member – BoS -PES engineering college, Mandya
  • VTU nominated Member –BoS- Malnad college of Engineering, Hassan
  • Member – BoS-DS College of Engg
  • Member –Academic council- AIT
  • Subject Expert-Interview Panel at EEE at DSC Engg.,
  • 5 faculty members were Invited for delivering lectures at Power system training institute